In Ireland, Octopus Real Estate introduces its first commercial financing product.

In Ireland, Octopus Real Estate introduces its first commercial financing product.

Octopus Real Estate, a subsidiary of the Octopus Group and a primary UK specialist real estate lender and investor, has announced that it would begin commercial financing in the Republic of Ireland as part of its strategy to grow beyond the UK mainland.

The offering, developed for the Irish market, will provide support to brokers and borrowers while lending throughout the commercial real estate spectrum. 

Thanks to an established and simple approval process, clients will have access to simple bridging loans up to €500,000, available for all kinds of commercial property sales, including equity release, refinances, and acquisitions. If you want to learn more about visit their site.

The product is offered for all asset classifications, including land with residential development potential.

Being a non-bank lender with discretionary money, Octopus Real Estate can move quickly after a deal is approved, with a four-week turnaround time on cash. 

The commercial lending product allows borrowers to move swiftly and efficiently in the property market by ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Octopus Real Estate provides value and choice to the Irish market with a competitive arrangement charge of 0.5 percent. 

The maximum loan-to-value ratio is set at 70.0 percent, with monthly rates starting at 0.75 percent. 

With no exit penalty, the product provides maximum freedom. 

The term duration for a short-term finance solution is between 1 and 24 months.

The introduction of Octopus Real Estate’s commercial financing product is the first step toward the company’s goal of expanding its footprint across Europe.

The product is well-established, and the team is well-versed.

Octopus Real Estate is a real estate lender that is a subsidiary of the Octopus Group of enterprises. Octopus Real Estate is a dependable partner with an in-house staff of over eighty professionals with decades of financial experience. The property lending team delivers customized, customer-focused financing solutions in the residential, commercial, and development sectors. 

More than 3,800 loans transacted 

Since its beginning, the team has already transacted over 3,800 loans totaling over £5.0 billion.

“Octopus Real Estate is a major short-term lender in the UK market, having completed c. £2.0 billion of commercial loans over the last 10 years,” said James Nunn, leading the launch into Ireland. We’re known for our quickness, openness, and flexibility, and we’re excited to bring our service to a thriving and expanding new market.”

Important market

“Ireland is a significant market for us,” said Benjamin Davis, CEO of Octopus Real Estate. “Our product launch gives Irish clients a trustworthy finance solution, backed by over 15 years of experience in non-bank lending.” 

The Irish commercial property sector is booming, and the debut of our commercial loan product will allow for the financing of large-scale initiatives across the board. We have a reputation for providing top-notch service and competitive loan rates. Together with our commercial lending knowledge, we feel that this product will be a welcome addition to the Irish market.”

Pat R. Madsen