With LED string lights at Christmas time save electricity and money


Berlin – If you hang Christmas lights with LED lamps in windows and front gardens during the Christmas season, you can save energy and money. Two short ten-meter-long light tubes caused electricity costs of just over 30 euros within six weeks – 80 percent less with LED lamps, according to the German Energy Agency (Dena) in Berlin.

Picture: Money

LED bulbs not only consume less power, according to Dena. Their advantage is also that they held about 20 times longer than conventional light bulbs. On average, they lit up to 20,000 hours. In addition, LED lamps heat up less, minimizing the risk of overheating and fires.

The purchase of such light chains with LED lamps can be quite expensive, admits the Dena. However, the additional costs paid off very quickly thanks to the enormous efficiency of the lamps. Buyers should study the power consumption details carefully. For safety reasons, it is best to buy only products bearing a seal of approval, for example the VDE mark or the GS mark for “tested safety”. If a chain is to be hung outdoors, it must be able to withstand moisture. This should be clearly stated on the packaging.