News New laws as of 1 January 2016: more money in pensions and taxes

News New laws as of 1 January 2016: more money in pensions and taxes News always well informed

Friday, 01.01.16 , written by Juliane Wellisch Numerous changes and new laws as of 1 January 2016 are leading to more money in the wallets of many citizens. Whether family with children, retirees, student or professional – tax relief and changes in state benefits and pension in most cases, a plus in  Zahlreiche finanzielle Erleichterungen für Familien

New laws from January 2016: child benefit will be increased

Child benefit, child supplement and child allowance

For families with children, there was already a raise in 2015, which was paid retroactively during the year. In 2016, the child allowance will be adjusted again, then there are 190 euros per month for the first child, 196 euros for the second and each 221 euros for each additional . However, as of 2016, the responsible family fund must have the tax identification number of the child in writing, otherwise the entitlement to benefits may lapse.

Low-income earners who are entitled to the child allowance will also receive 20 euros more from 1 July 2016 – instead of the previous 160, 160 euros. Above all, high earners benefit from an increase in the child allowance of 96 euros per child – they pay less taxes.

Fathers and mothers who pay for their children will have to dig deeper in 2016 if necessary . Because the Düsseldorfer table, on which maintenance payments are measured, will be adjusted at the turn of the year . Thus, the minimum maintenance for children, depending on the age, increases by seven to ten euros per month.

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Change in 2016 in tax and pension

As of 1 January 2016 , there will also be a lot of changes in taxes . The basic allowance increases again by 180 euros and 2016 is then 8,652 euros for singles and 17,304 euros for married couples . Only if the income exceeds this value will income tax be charged. The pension expenses for retirement provision, for example a Rürup pension but also payments into the statutory pension insurance, can now be offset against tax in 2016 up to a new maximum amount of EUR 22,767 .

If you receive a pension for the first time in 2016, you will have to pay 72 percent of this tax. For this purpose, as of July 1, 2016, a significant increase in pensions of 4.4 percent (old federal states) and about five percent (new federal states) is expected. Anyone who pays contributions into the pension insurance does not have to adjust to the turn of the year to a new contribution rate. This remains at 18.7 percent.

A further change in tax collection has long been called for, even if the new regulation as of 1 January 2016, for example, does not go far enough for the Taxpayers’ Association. So the so-called cold progression should be damped. In addition, the tax rate is raised by the inflation rate of the last two years , so that higher taxes are due only from a higher income . Together with the adjustment of the basic allowance, the cold progression should be counteracted.

New laws January 2016: Further changes

At the turn of 2016, the Hartz 4-standard rate for singles will be raised by five euros to 404 euros , accordingly increase the rates for households and children. Housing benefit recipients and students with BAföG entitlement will also receive higher benefits from 2016. However, for consumers 2016, not only good news. In 2016, many things will become more expensive.newsbox icon

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